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Hi there, 

Looking for a cloud solution for your Small Business?

As our experience tells us, that there is actually no one-size-fits-all for cloud solutions in a Small Business.


Every Small Business has its own little intricacies of how their business processes are being handled.


So let me give you an example:


As a new startup, if you are starting a business for the very first time, then I'm sure you and your co-founders would tell your staff


"Let's go out there and look for solutions that it is already on the cloud."

"Let's deploy cloud first technology"

"A cloud first initiative."

"Alright, so explore everything all the solutions of cloud, if it doesn't fit, then we will look at other alternatives. But if they are cloud-ready applications, let's use that."


But as an established Small Business, that's kind of hard because you already have your established protocols, your established procedures.


So what is gonna happen is that you will have to sit down with your preferred IT vendor, your preferred IT support, or your appointed Managed IT Service Provider, to be able to have them look into your business and understand your business processes. 


Thereafter, based on their experience and knowledge, to be able to architect a cloud solution specifically for you and your Small Business.


This cloud solution should not be in a big-bang approach. It should be done in stages. A cloud solution where you, your staff and your colleagues can get all comfortable with the cloud first.


Stage one, get comfortable, understand the cloud a little, before you go into stage two and three.


This is a going to be long haul process. So the relationship between you and the solution provider is very important. The trust factor must be implict.


Most importantly, find somebody who is willing to tailor a solution for you and your business. End of the day, you want the cloud to work for you.


You want the cloud to be architected to fit your business organization, not the other way around.


If you would like to speak to us, to see how we can help you, or to simply take the first step to see if we can work out a relationship, please fill out the form and we will get in touch with you!


In the meantime, I wish you all the very best in your hunt for a cloud hosting solution, hoping it will bring you more efficiency, and most importantly, more flexibility in where you are working at and may your business prosper.


Thank you very much, Roy here, signing out.

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